Man Accuses Catholic Hospital of Being Hypocritical After Suing Them for the Wrongful Deaths of his Wife and Unborn Twin Boys; Hospital Argues that 7-Month-Old Fetuses Aren't "Persons" Even Though Catholics Believe a Baby Is a Person in the Womb

4798A Catholic hospital in CaƱon City, Colo., is facing intense scrutiny for arguing that fetuses aren't people in the midst of defending itself against a malpractice claim, according to The Colorado Independent. Naturally, this opinion is pointedly bizarre considering the Catholic Church's intense pro-life stance -- one that argues that life begins at the moment of conception. The legal battle between the family of Lori Stodghill, a woman who died at the hospital back in 2006, and Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI), an organization that owns St. Thomas More hospital, led to what can only be described as a curious and troubling defense.
The 31-year-old woman was pregnant with twins on New Year's Day in 2006 when she sought urgent medical assistance. When she arrived at the hospital, Stodghill was vomiting and short of breath, sustaining a clogged artery and a massive heart attack. While medical practitioners attempted to resuscitate her, they were unsuccessful and the doctor on call purportedly never answered a page seeking medical assistance. The twins  died after Stodghill passed away -- just one hour after arriving at St. Thomas More.

The woman's husband, Jeremy, filed a wrongful-death lawsuit in the wake of the incident, claiming that the doctor on call should have responded. Had there been additional medical coordination, he believes his unborn children might have been saved. While an expert testified that the mother's life likely couldn't have been spared, had the doctor been on hand and ordered a cesarean section, the individual agreed that the twins might still be alive today.

Source: The Blaze | Billy Hallowell
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