Microsoft Targets Generation Y with Internet Explorer 10

To start off a new year and market its new browser, Microsoft is stepping into the past with a new video, titled "Child of the 90s," that chases after the now-grown Generation Y.
In a Wednesday blog post, Roger Capriotti, director of IE marketing, touted the gains made by Internet Explorer in 2012, from performance to market share.

"Which is why we thought it was time to invite those of you who haven't thought about Internet Explorer in a while to take a trip down memory lane," Capriotti said. "Internet Explorer is a child of the 90s, but we have done some serious growing up."

Since its debut in 1995, Internet Explorer has remained the most popular browser, but options like Mozilla's Firefox, Apple's Safari, and Google's Chrome have chipped away slightly at IE's dominance. Microsoft now hopes to reel them back in with IE10.

The new ad features some of the most iconic toys, utilities, games, and fashion of the '90s; half of the fun of watching is testing your own pop culture knowledge as each accessory, food, and piece of technology flashes across the screen.

Quiz yourself by watching the video advertisement below. (As a child of the '90s, I counted 19 nostalgic memories in the 1:40 commercial, including the one pictured above.)

"You grew up. So did we," the ad concludes.

SOURCE: Stephanie Mlot
PC Mag
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