Pastor Ed Young Says Jesus Would Warn LeBron James Against Falling Into Temptation and Pride

Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas, focused on NBA Miami Heat superstar LeBron James in his most recent sermon in his "What Would Jesus Say To..." series and suggested that Christ would warn James against falling into temptation and pride.

"I don't know if LeBron is a follower of Christ - the more though I studied about him, the more concerned I became," Pastor Young said in his sermon this past weekend.

The Texas preacher began his remarks by reminding the congregation of James' success. Many commentators have said that the Ohio-born forward is possibly the greatest basketball player of all time, even surpassing all-time great Michael Jordan. His basketball talents have led him to every major success in the sport, with last season marking his crowning achievement - becoming NBA Finals MVP and winning his first ever championship.

"LeBron means success," Pastor Young said, describing how everyone who wants to become the best at something refers to James.

The Fellowship leader pointed out a number of examples, however, where James has made public comments that seem to focus on his accomplishments and his desires and his goals. The NBA star has even referred to himself as "King James" and has often been called "the Chosen One," for his abilities. Young argued that Jesus is the real "Chosen One," and that people's focus should always be on God, because at the end of the day, James and everyone else in life are playing "for an audience of One."

"Remember that God, your God, gave you the strength to produce all this wealth," the Grapevine preacher invoked from Deuteronomy 8:17-18 in the Bible.

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SOURCE: Christian Post
Stoyan Zaimov
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