Politico's Restructuring Includes Laying Off Some Staffers

4798Since its 2007 debut, Politico has expanded its newsroom quickly while some legacy media outlets, like the Washington Post, have scaled back. But Politico isn't immune from having to restructure in the face of industry demands, and in recent days, it has laid off some staffers.

Editor-in-chief John Harris and executive editor Jim VandeHei
"So, now I'm self-employed," photographer Jay Westcott tweeted Saturday. "Just got laid off by Politico."

Jess Kamen, a technology reporter for Politico and Politico Pro, was also laid off, according to newsroom sources. There are believed to have been more layoffs, the sources say, but it's unclear how many at this time.

Politico editor-in-chief John Harris disputed any suggestion that Politico is retrenching, telling The Huffington Post that "we're continuing to grow."

"I expect we'll be larger at the end of 2013 than at the beginning of 2013," Harris said, adding that the organization has a "clear mandate" from publisher Robert Allbritton to expand.

In a follow-up email, Harris pointed out that Politico has 30 more employees than this time last year and that he expects staff to grow "by 30 more in the weeks and months ahead."

It's not uncommon for a news organization that obsessively covers politics to reevaluate staffing after a major election. And there's already been some turnover at Politico in the new year.

Source: Huffington Post | Michael Calderone
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