Rep. Allen West Launching Online Show Called "Next Generation"

Former Rep. Allen West's next move will be to a new online show.

"Next Generation" will aim to "shine a spotlight on the challenges facing young Americans," the fiery conservative former lawmaker said Tuesday in an introductory video.

"I'm Allen West and this is Next Generation," he said in a clip posted on the show's website. "We'll shine a spotlight on the challenges facing young Americans, whether it be out-of-control spending, crushing debt or unacceptable levels of unemployment. These issues threaten the opportunities of the next generation, our nation's collective future."

The program is part of the conservative PJ Media outlet. West will serve as director of Next Generation's programming, he said in a statement. The show will offer videos, talk shows, newsletters and events across the country, according to the introductory video. The first broadcast is expected to air Feb. 4.

"We don't want the American Dream to fall by the wayside," West said in the video. "We want to leave things better for those that come after us. That's why we're standing up for the next generation."

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SOURCE: Politico

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