Right-Wing Israeli Politician Speaks of 'Blowing Up' Jerusalem Mosque

Lapid and Livni blast US-born Jeremy Gimpel, Jewish Home party candidate, for a speech apparently relishing prospect of Jewish Temple replacing Dome of the Rock; Hatnua wants him banned

Pictured: Jewish Home candidate Jeremy Gimpel speaks about a 'blown up' Dome of the Rock, in a Florida church in 2011 (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)
Center-left party leaders Tzipi Livni and Yair Lapid castigated Naftali Bennett's Jewish Home party on Saturday as including dangerous extremists. They both focused on a 2011 speech in Florida by American-born Jeremy Gimpel, 14th on the Jewish Home list, in which he apparently rejoiced at the possibility of the Dome of Rock on the Temple Mount being blown up, and the cornerstone of a third Jewish Temple laid in its place.

Gimpel said later the clip was misleading, and that he had been telling "a few jokes." He urged people to watch the entire speech.

In separate interviews on Channel 2′s "Meet the Press," three days before Tuesday's general elections, Livni, leader of the Hatnua party, and Yesh Atid leader Lapid, both referred to Gimpel's speech and warned of the "extremist" vision of Israel it and the Jewish Home party represented.

Later Saturday, Hatnua appealed to the Central Elections Committee to bar Gimpel from running for the Knesset because of his alleged incitement. The request, submitted by Hatnua's Yoel Hasson, was unlikely to succeed. Appeals to bar far-right and far-left politicians failed earlier in the campaign.

Jewish Home is heading for about 12-14 seats in the elections, according to polls, which means Gimpel could gain a Knesset seat. Yesh Atid is set to win about 11-12 seats and Hatnua 7-9.

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