Ryan Bomberger's Campaign to Share Truth About Abortion

The speaker pointed to the flags in front of Thomas Jefferson's majestic capitol in Richmond. He noted the figures on the Virginia flag. A woman stands triumphant over the prostrate figure of a tyrant. "Sic semper tyrannis," the young speaker said, "that's Virginia's motto: 'Thus always to tyrants.' The tyrant has been cast down. In his hands are the broken chains of enslavement and the scourge."

The passionate young man then asked: "Who is the tyrant today?" Planned Parenthood, he said, the organization that holds so much of America in bondage to abortion, with its chains of financial, political and legal enslavement. "What is the scourge?" That whip used to lacerate the flesh in medieval times today is the multi-strand lashes of Planned Parenthood's lies.

Ryan Bomberger was the speaker. And his powerful message resonated with the crowd of nearly 500 who gathered under the bell tower on the grounds of Virginia's State Capitol in advance of the Roe v. Wade 40th commemoration. Those who rallied outdoors on the lawn in spring-like weather told me the turnout this year was four times last year's attendance. They are living proof that this pro-life movement is not dying--so long as any Americans live, it can never die.

This capitol building--modeled on the Maison Carée that Jefferson saw in France--was once the seat of government of the Confederacy. This week, the capitol grounds rang with cries of liberty for all--born and unborn.

Ryan is the head of the Radiance Foundation and his campaign to carry truth into America's inner cities has raised the ire of Planned Parenthood. Ryan asks why it is that so many of that evil enterprise's killing centers are located in or near minority neighborhoods? Why is the abortion ratio for black women in New York City six times that of white women per 1,000 live births?

Ryan isn't suggesting this deadly disparate impact means that black women want more abortions. He would doubtless agree with Feminist for Life Frederika Matthewes-Green.

She says a woman wants an abortion the way a trapped animal wants to gnaw off its leg.

Ryan's billboards cry out: "Too many aborted" and, showing an expectant black mother and father, married, they say: "Black is beautiful."

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Robert Morrison
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