Seven Careers that Won't Bore You to Tears

If you get bored easily, the daily grind of the working world might be as exciting to you as watching paint dry. So what do you look for in a job if you're the easily underwhelmed type?
"Needing to be stimulated and excited is all about having new challenges and never knowing what the day might bring," says Bradley Brummel, a member of CareerBliss's Board of Advisors as well as a psychology professor at the University of Tulsa specializing in psychology of the workplace.

Ready to find a professional life less ordinary? Check out these seven careers that could bring a new challenge on any given day.

Career #1: Public Relations Specialist  

If you love talking to people, can tell a great story, and thrive in sticky situations, pursuing a career as a public relations specialist might be just what your high-energy personality needs to blossom in the workplace.

Daily Duties: Public relations specialists are witty wordsmiths who, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, might be responsible for everything from crafting speeches, interviews, and press releases to managing media requests. Fundraising and developing brand identity could be another important task of public relations specialists as well.

No Yawns Here: PR specialists rarely get bored because they're always on their toes, handling unexpected media issues on a daily basis. "There is always a product or story or crisis to pitch or spin," says Brummel. "Not only do you have to plan for how the public will perceive your message, but you have to able to adapt with any changes as the story unfolds."

Education Options: According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a bachelor's degree is generally needed for public relations specialist positions, and employers typically prefer candidates who study public relations, communications, or journalism.

SOURCE: Katie Tandy
Yahoo! Education
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