Sick People Healed In Huge Numbers at Ivory Coast Revival

Just a few days into a massive gospel crusade in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, which one local church official called "the biggest meetings we've ever seen," Evangelist Daniel Kolenda reports that the sick are "being healed in huge numbers."

Attendance for the crusade was estimated at more than 85,000 people the first night. The next night, the crowd nearly doubled to 145,000. By the fourth night, more than 200,000 were in attendance.

On his blog, Kolenda said of the outpouring of healings, "It was holy chaos! The sick were healed in huge numbers--all in the name and to the glory of Jesus Christ! When I preached the gospel, the response of the crowd was so overwhelming It literally hurt my ears! The blind were healed, the cripples walked, cancers disappeared. I don't think my description can do it justice."

He added, "We are surely in for a wild week!"

The crusade site itself was once the scene of death and destruction as a result of the region's ongoing civil war. Within a short distance of a mass grave containing countless unidentified corpses, hundreds of thousands of people have witnessed miraculous healings and experienced God's redemptive work through salvation.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
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