Tim Tebow an NFL Quarterback? John Elway Says 'It's a Possibility'

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If New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow needs some inspiration, he can probably look past these tepid words of encouragement from Broncos vice president John Elway.

Appearing on WFAN radio, Elway was asked if Tebow has the potential to be an NFL quarterback.

"If that's what he wants to do, in the right situation, I think it's a possibility," Elway said, according to ESPN.com's Rich Cimini.

That's not quite a ringing endorsement.

Though Tebow has claimed he had no choice in going to the Jets, Elway also went on to say that it was, in fact, Tebow's decision.

"We had two options: We had Jacksonville or the Jets," Elway said, according to Cimini. "We laid it out to Tim and said, 'It's up to you.' I'm not going to tell you which deal I liked better, but I will tell you we did give him the option. He ended up picking the Jets, thinking that was the best opportunity for him."

It looks as if that was not the best choice for Tebow, who is reportedly being shopped by the Jets.

Evan Hilbert
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