What Happened to the Real Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Down at His Memorial Monument?

We live in a time of magical secularism. Right before our eyes the Gospel truth is ripped off, stolen, or at least seriously "dumbed down." For what reason do we allow fables to replace facts - even when the marvel and splendor of the facts far exceeds the secularist's ingenious fabricated fables.

Barely a year ago the majestic memorial to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King was dedicated in Washington, DC. Just prior to that dedication, I paid a visit to admire the park area, the inscribed walls and monumental creative sculpture, themed from Rev. Dr. King's sermonic reference to the need for a "stone of hope." (That is me in the picture talking with a park ranger in front of the Stone of Hope.)

How very grateful we are that there is such a memorial to a Christian giant who so positively impacted America and the world with his overtly Biblical values! He belongs in the company of Jefferson, Lincoln, Washington and F.D. Roosevelt, all of whose stately memorials stand nearby.

I speculate that the Lincoln Memorial is behind the monument to Rev. Dr. King because President Lincoln had his back, in a way of speaking. The monumental Rev. Dr. King is also staring forward, in the exact direction of the Jefferson Memorial, across the Tidal Basin. Is it his forward, hopeful perspective? Is it a grateful glance to the author of "All men are created equal" and "they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights," great words that had also inspired and empowered Rev. Dr. King's leadership and ministry? Or perhaps is it a critical, disappointed look toward the historic, slave-holding Jefferson who was notably inconsistent in living those great words he wrote - and who never resolved the continuing crisis of his conflicted conscience? Or perhaps it is both divine gratitude and great disappointment. So I think.

Interesting as these artistic speculations are, everyone should be deeply disappointed in the complete absence of any reference to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, the Church or his ordination - all absolutely central to Rev. Dr. King's awesome leadership. The entire monument area also ignores even that Rev. Dr. King was a Gospel minister. The nearby memorials include numerous references to the Lord, so the standard of telling the whole Godly truth was established long ago. Why suppress the most essential Truth about Rev. Dr. King -who was much more than an activist, but a church pastor for 14 years of his brief life, a Bible expositor, and an accomplished theologian? Public money has been spent to tell the truth about Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln and their sincere trust in God - and their frequent references to determinative dependence on our Creator. What pathology suppresses the truth when we honor someone with an even more explicit God focus - a model pastor and Christian thinker? That same magical secular pathology eliminates the true Rev. Dr. King in most approved school textbooks and teaching modules allegedly about the man. What keeps the rest of us quiet?

Why ignore that he was an ordained minister? Why pretend that he did not have a seminary degree from Crozer at age 22? Why disregard as well his PhD degree in systematic theology from prestigious Boston University when he was a young 26 years old? Why not a single mention that he was a professional theologian, minister, pastor and preacher? Why make the special effort to select fourteen quotes from Rev. Dr. King without a single acknowledgement that he drew his prime inspiration from the Bible? Why no mention of Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, or the Father, or the Gospel, or Church or any one of his other significant spiritual anchors?

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SOURCE: Christian Post
Paul de Vries
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