What Kind Of Anchorman Will Jake Tapper Be?

4798Former ABC ace Jake Tapper, who debuted on CNN Tuesday, says that his being passed over -- twice -- as 'This Week' anchor was not the reason he left the network.
When ABC chose CNN's Christiane Amanpour for 'This Week' in 2010, "obviously I had a degree of disappointment, " Tapper says, "but it wasn't as though they were putting Mario Lopez in there. Christiane's a legend."

Less than 18 months later, when George Stephanopoulos returned to 'This Week'- again, no hard feelings, Tapper insists. "It's George's show. It was logical for him to want to do it. He's also a journalistic legend."

What did it for Tapper was his own weekday show at CNN, most likely to launch in March or April, in addition to being named Chief Washington Correspondent. New CNN Worldwide boss Jeff Zucker made the offer over breakfast last month at a secret undisclosed location in New York.

Tapper, in Philadelphia Thursday to promote his new book, 'The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor,' says he expects to take over the 4 p.m. hour currently occupied by Wolf Blitzer's 'Situation Room.' Blitzer will be cut back to 5 to 7 p.m.

If all goes well, could this be a prelude to Tapper breaking into the prime-time lineup?

"It's a little premature, but anything's possible," he explains. "Jeff says he wants to do a lot of different things. Everything's on the table. But maybe 4 p.m. will ultimately be a great place to be. It's when viewers start getting serious about news. It's valuable real estate."

It's also the first show for Tapper, 43, who as ABC's Senior White House Correspondent became known for his confrontational style at press briefings. In his new milieu, he expects to be "a little looser."

"The show shouldn't just be a quote, unquote Serious Anchorman feeding you your Brussels sprouts. It needs to be engaging, with some humor, some back and forth, some compelling dialogue with newsmakers."

Source: Media Bistro | Gail Shister 
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