3 Great Tips to Unfreeze Your Car In Winter Weather

Vehicles certainly should not be driven until the defroster function has heated up enough to clear the windows; visibility is good. Further, a warm driver is likely to be safer than a driver bundled up in restrictive clothing, hunched against a miserable environment.

  • Have a frozen windshield on your car? Fill a spray bottle with 3 parts water and 1 part white vinegar.  Turn on car and defroster, then spray icy windshield.  The thawing process will speed up and will keep your windshield frost-free for up to a few days!
  • Are your car locks icy?  Squirt hand sanitizer onto your car key.  Place key into lock and slowly turn until unlocked.
  • If you have ice on your windshield use onion! Cut up a large onion and rub it over the ice. You will see the ice just melt away. Your hands may be stink, but your windows will be clear. You may need a few but, it's helpful and less stressful.

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