A New Heart-itude

Every journey begins with a single step.... 

This message is engraved on a plaque, displayed on my desk. It's a reminder that life is a journey and each step prepares me for my next one.

The truth of this became a little clearer recently as I faced a crossroad. Life's stresses spiraled out of control. What had once been a joy became a heavy burden and I began to whine (please pass the cheese). My vision narrowed seeing only the hard things--and my grumbling heart grew cold. It wasn't until my husband challenged me, that things started to change. His line in the sand pushed me to realize that peace and happiness are choices, and I needed a heart-itude adjustment.

I needed to come face to face with myself as well as look into the face of my Father in order to set things right. I was stuck in the wake up--go to work--eat--sleep--repeat routine and I needed a fresh view. So, I started walking every morning at 6:15. As my feet pounded the pavement, my voice cried out to God--the one who knows the beginning from the end. Psalm 57:2 says, "He will accomplish everything that concerns me." So, I praised Him for His goodness and sought Him as my Sovereign. Every day I walked two miles--I spent the first mile talking to Him, and then I listened on my way back.

My heart-itude began to change immediately. The issues I faced seemed smaller as I breathed in the magnificence of His creation. My focus changed from seeing my finite problems to seeing my immeasurable God.

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SOURCE: Crosswalk
Jeanne Doyon, Crosswalk.com Contributor
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