As Creflo Dollar Travels on a 6-City Tour to Preach, He Will Also Bring $10,000 to Help Community Groups Out

Megachurch prosperity preacher Creflo Dollar, pastor of World Changers Church International in Georgia, is bringing the gospel of change and a gift of $10,000 to one lucky community organization in each of the six new cities he will visit as a part of his 2013 Change experience.

According to a media release from the church, Dollar and his wife, Taffi, will embark on a six-city tour starting March 15 that will see them travelling from Connecticut to Florida, "preaching and teaching to those who are ready to take the first step toward living a life without worry."

The Dollars will be stopping in Hartford, Conn.; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Columbus, Ohio; Shreveport, La.; North Charleston, S.C.; and Orlando, Fla.

Details of the tour are available on their website.

"As a part of the Change Experience, Dr. Dollar will also spotlight a local organization in every city and make a donation in support of its service and dedication to changing and strengthening the community," stated a media release from the church.

The Christian Post contacted liaisons for the church for further details on the donations and they responded in an e-mail that: "The charity is prayerfully decided and the donation is $10,000."

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SOURCE: Christian Post
Leonardo Blair

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