Everlasting Love: Couple in Louisiana Celebrated for 82 Years of Marriage

4798 Norman and Norma Burmah of Marksville had a Valentine's Day date today today at the Louisiana Governor's mansion. Why? They were among ten couples honored for being among the longest-married in the state. The Burmahs, ages 102 and 99, led the pack with 82 years of matrimony. Now that's something to celebrate.

Norman and Norma Burmah and daughter Joyce Desselle (LA Family Forum)
They have two daughters, six grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren and are devoted New Orleans Saints fans.

Governor Jindal said of the pair and the nine others inducted into the LFF Marriage Hall of Fame, "I'm proud to honor these couples and the many years they've spent together. Their lasting commitment is truly admirable and serves as a great example for those who value the institution of marriage." Can't disagree with him there.

Source: The Root | Jenée Desmond-Harris 
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