Faith & Freedom Coalition says National Cathedral Should Stop Receiving Federal Funds Because it Now Will Conduct Homosexual Weddings

The Faith & Freedom Coalition, a Georgia-based Christian nonprofit organization founded by political activist Ralph Reed, recently issued a petition urging an end to what it claims to be federal funding for the Washington National Cathedral, which in January 2013 announced it would begin performing same-sex marriages.

Pictured: The west front of Washington's National Cathedral is photographed from the damaged main tower after an earthquake August 24, 2011
"Pro-family and Pro-freedom Americans cannot sit idly by," reads the FFC petition.

The petition argues that because of the Defense of Marriage Act, which at federal level declares marriage to be between one man and one woman, the National Cathedral should not accept federal funds, as it supports same-sex marriage.

"We believe the definition of 'marriage' to be the union of one man to one woman. If the National Cathedral wants to continue to receive taxpayer funding from Congress, they should respect Congressional action like the Defense of Marriage Act," the petition continues.

"... taxpayers are being asked to subsidize gay marriage ceremonies for a church that can readily access millions of their own funds," the petition adds.

The petition goes on to demand the suspension of future federal funding of the cathedral until it ceases performing same-sex marriages.

SOURCE: Katherine Weber
Christian Post 
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