HIS Nets Ministry Is Saving Lives In Africa and Haiti

More than 216 million people contracted malaria in 2010, and 655,000 people died that same year worldwide from the disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

To combat these grave statistics, HIS Nets, a Christian nonprofit, is working with churches and partner-organizations to distribute insecticide-treated sleeping nets to people throughout sub-Saharan Africa and India.

Since 2008, HIS Nets has distributed more than 130,000 nets to families, pregnant women, and children who live in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Haiti and other countries that are impacted by the malaria epidemic.

HIS Nets was established in 2004 by T. Thomas of Norman, Okla., after one of his daughters almost died from malaria during a family mission trip to Africa. The calling instilled in their family has inspired people throughout the world to help raise awareness and fend off the disease.

Each net costs $6 and is used to protect an entire family from mosquitoes for up to six years. When malaria nets are properly used, incidence of infection is cut in half and child death from malaria can decrease by one-fifth.

The Rev. Mitch Randall of North Haven Church in Norman, Okla., said that his church has been working with HIS Nets for several years, and that he returned two weeks ago from Ghana, where he and members of his church had distributed 1,000 nets to villagers.

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SOURCE: Christian Post
Melissa Barnhart
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