IRS Announces Major Crackdown on Theives Who Steal Tax Refunds

4798 The number of tax refund fraud cases is growing at an alarming rate. 

The IRS has the bad guys on the run.
As part of a larger effort to combat tax refund fraud, the IRS led a massive, coast-to-coast effort in January against 389 identity theft suspects that resulted in 734 enforcement actions, the agency announced yesterday.

"There is a heavy price to pay for committing refund fraud," IRS acting commissioner Steven Miller told reporters on a conference call on Thursday. "The IRS and its law enforcement partners are going after the perpetrators and people are going to jail for a long time."

Tax refund fraud, where scammers steal a legitimate tax payer's identity, file as them, and then steal their refund, is a growing and costly problem.

As chronicled in a Daily News story on Monday, the IRS could dole out as much as $21 billion in potentially fraudulent refunds over the next five years, according to a the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

Source: New York Daily News | PHYLLIS FURMAN 

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