'JESUS' Film Continues to Get the Gospel Out with Popular App

Do you have a smartphone or other handheld device? The number of active smartphone users around the world has topped 1 billion people, according to a global research and consulting firm. With access to smartphones comes the access to time-saving apps.

Four months ago, The JESUS Film Project created a free "JESUS" film app, allowing users to watch clips of "JESUS" in various languages and dialects. One user said, "Excellent. This is a great tool to introduce people to the risen Son of God--anywhere, anytime, in his/her mother tongue." 

As of this month, the app has received more than 32,000 downloads. That means more people have an opportunity to be exposed to the good news of Christ in their own language. Click here to access the app.

Although having the mobile app is very helpful, not all people have access to a smart phone. The JESUS Film Project still uses DVDs as well, distributing the "JESUS" film to many people around the world. 

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SOURCE: Mission Network News
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