Jets Reveal Little About Tim Tebow's Future with Team

A year ago, Tim Tebow had one of the hottest names in the NFL. Now, even his own head coach barely wants to talk about him.

Nearly 30 minutes into his press conference at the NFL scouting combine Thursday, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan said Tebow remains on the roster but went out of his way to not commit to Tebow's future either as a Jet or elsewhere.

"Tim's under contract to be a New York Jet, so we'll see how things go in the offseason. But Tim is under contract," Ryan said.

The Jets traded for the controversial, unorthodox quarterback last March and made grand proclamations for their plans to use him in multiple and innovative packages. That never happened, and Tebow's most significant action was on special teams.

His future with the Jets, if not the entire NFL, is quite unclear. New York could try to trade him, though there is not likely much of a market for Tebow's services. Only the Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars made bids to the Denver Broncos after they signed Peyton Manning, and that came after Tebow led the Broncos to the playoffs. New Jaguars General Manager Dave Caldwell has said he can't envision Tebow playing for his team.

And then there's the chance the Jets could opt to keep Tebow and give him another chance to unseat embattled incumbent starter Mark Sanchez.

"I think everything's too early to tell right now," Ryan said. "You really don't know how the offseason goes, how the draft goes, how free agency goes. There are a lot of variables involved. So before I go on record -- because, trust me, it'll be covered -- I realize now it's a long process."

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Lindsay Jones 
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