Lifetime to Premiere New Reality Show - "Preachers' Daughter's"

Preachers' daughters will likely be the topic of conversation when Lifetime network premieres a new docusoap that will highlight the dramatic tales of the offspring born to parents who have committed their lives to preaching the word of God.

Lifetime's new reality television show "Preachers' Daughter's" will premiere on the network March 12 and document the lives of three families who work in the pulpit of a church each week while trying to raise their teenagers dealing with the struggles of life. The Colemans, Koloffs and Perrys will each share their struggles concerning raising adolescent daughters overcoming the temptations of life, while trying to heed the teachings introduced in their Christian upbringings.

The Colemans are a family headed by Pastor Ken of City of Refuge Pentecostal Church in Joliet, Ill. The pastor's 18-year-old daughter, Taylor, is less interested in following her father's rules, and rebels by sneaking out of her house and giving into the temptations presented by boys. While Taylor's half-sister Kendra was kicked out of their home when she became pregnant at 20-years-old, the family matriarch Marie is cautioning her husband from pushing their 18-year-old daughter into further rebellion.

The Koloff family features both a mother and father who are preachers in the form of Nikita and his ex-wife Victoria. Although 16-year-old Kolby's parents are no longer married and live in North Carolina and Tennessee, her story revolves around trying to navigate the world of dating with two parents answering the call of God, and three older sisters trying to help her through adolescence.

Unlike the other two families featured on the Lifetime reality television series, the Perrys have an 18-year-old daughter named Olivia who is living in their household as a teenage mother. The Perrys do not hide the fact that Olivia has overcome a life that included drugs and partying, and now she is leaning on her parents which include Pastor Mark of Everyday Church in Oceano, California, while she struggles to find out the paternity of her child.

Rob Sharenow, Executive Vice President of Programming at Lifetime Networks spoke about the decision to pick up eight hour-long episodes of "Preachers' Daughters" which will be produced by Thinkfactory Media.

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SOURCE: Christian Post
Christine Thomasos
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