MAAFA 21 Abortion Documentary Will Be Used to Educate the African-American Community In Chicago

A well-respected documentary demonstrating how the abortion industry targets minorities will be used to educate the African-American community in Chicago.

The documentary, produced by Life Dynamics, is called MAAFA 21. It shows the relationship between the eugenics movement and Planned Parenthood in reducing the ethnic population in America. Ryan Bouse of the Abolitionist Society of Chicago plans to take the film into the black community of Chicago.

"It will just introduce them to eugenics, introduce them to the racism that is still happening in this country, the paid murder of 1,800 black babies every single day," he tells OneNewsNow. "Our whole plan came down to this -- if Planned Parenthood is going to target the black community, then why aren't we [pro-lifers] targeting the black community?"

He adds Planned Parenthood "is the most dangerous organization or corporation in the world today" as reflected in MAAFA 21. The first order of business in Chicago, says Bouse, is to introduce the documentary to black ministers who resist arguments against abortion.

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Charlie Butts
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