Marissa Mayer Launches a 'New, More Modern' Yahoo!

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer just put up a blog post announcing a "new, more modern" Yahoo.

It's her long-expected, this-time-it's-official update to the Yahoo homepage.

She says the page is more personal.

- "A newsfeed with infinite scroll."

- "You can log in with your Yahoo! or Facebook ID to get articles from thousands of news sources as well as those shared by your friends."

- New applications, like a list of your Facebook friends' birthdays.

- Refreshed "Yahoo! editorial features."

- The list of popular searches of the moment has a "refreshed" look.

- It's faster.

- It's optimized for tablets and smartphones.

The business goal for the new homepage is simple: Yahoo needs to grow its userbase, and it needs all of it users to spend more time on the site. 

At a Goldman Sach's conference in San Francisco last week, Mayer put it this way: "I'm not confused, our biggest problem right now is impressions. We're growing prices, we need to grow usage."

SOURCE: Nicholas Carlson
Business Insider
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