Meagan Good Talks About her Marriage and her Career

"Deception" star Meagan Good is back to work -- but that doesn't mean the honeymoon period is over for the newlywed, who tied the knot with Columbia Pictures VP DeVon Franklin last summer. The actress and her new husband have been living in marital bliss -- across the country from each other! -- ever since Meagan booked her role on the NBC murder mystery (which airs Mondays on NBC at 10/9c) just a month and a half after she walked down the aisle.
"It's sad because obviously you're away from the person that you just married," she said during an intimate press luncheon for "Deception" with co-star Laz Alonso. "You want to spend all your time with them and put all your energy into it."

But surprisingly, the distance hasn't been as tough on the newlyweds as they once feared. "It's constantly being on the phone, constantly Skyping," she said of how she and her L.A.-based hubby make it work while she's on the "Deception" set in New York. "He came into town as much as he could, which turned out to be more than we expected."

She adds, "You just stay focused on the fact that the marriage is the prize, not anything else. Everything else is secondary to that."

Meagan, it seems, is also fortunate to have an incredibly supportive husband, who pushed her to take on "Deception" in spite of their newlywed status.

"I was nervous coming into it," she says of her decision to commit to "Deception" so quickly after tying the knot. "I was like, 'I really feel that we're going to get picked up,' and he was like, 'Well, then you really need to get ready and pack your bags. I'll come out there with you to set you up. I'll come back as much as I can. But, you know, you need to get focused and get into it. Have you gone to the gym yet?' He's very, very supportive."

Now that she's wrapped shooting her part in the soapy drama about an undercover detective attempting to solve her childhood best friend's murder, Meagan is looking forward to getting back to the basics: "I just want to be home and cook and wash clothes and just be domesticated and enjoy that," she said.

As Joanna's former colleague and lover on "Deception," Laz Alonso's Will Moreno only has eyes for his sexy partner in crime fighting. In real life, the hunky "Fast & Furious" alum is single -- and ready to mingle.

SOURCE: Jessica Wedemeyer
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