National Marriage Week 2013 Launches February 7-14

Take your pick. Whether you are looking for ideas for a date night, Valentine's Day or a bigger solution to preserving your marriage this year, National Marriage Week USA, celebrated on February 7-14 annually, will help you find much more than a rose and a box of chocolate for your troubles.

Touting the financial, health and social benefits of marriage in a video at, executive director of the organization Sheila Weber noted that married adults lead longer lives, have greater personal happiness, and better health. "...Marriage is really the unsung anti-poverty program because single motherhood is the greatest source of impoverishment for both women and children," said Weber in the video.

Pointing to a recent Brookings Institution analysis, she also noted that, "if we had the marriage rate today that we had in 1970, we'd have 25 percent less poverty." She also highlighted that in 1970, nearly 80 percent of all adults in America were married. That number is now down to 52 percent.

This year's National Marriage Week USA campaign features nearly 1,000 events, classes and conferences nationwide geared at helping married couples keep their relationship strong. The offerings are listed in a searchable database on the campaign's website.

Offerings include a free eight-week series of marriage help sessions facilitated by Jean Claude Lukunku of the Godspeak Church of the Revelations in the Bronx, NY.

 "These sessions are really for couples whose marriages are cold and are looking to bring back the fire," explained Lukunku in an interview with The Christian Post on Tuesday. "For those who are ready to divorce, we usually send them to professional marriage counselors," he added.

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SOURCE: Christian Post
Leonardo Blair
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