Netanyahu says N. Korea's Nuclear Test Proves Sanctions-Only on Iran Won't Work

Israel's prime minister says North Korea's recent nuclear test shows that "sanctions alone will not stop" Iran's atomic program.

Pictured: Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, center, heads the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, Sunday, Feb. 17, 2013. (AP Photo/Ronen Zvulun, Pool)
Benjamin Netanyahu told a gathering of international Jewish leaders on Monday that the Western sanctions against Tehran "have to be coupled with a robust, credible, military threat. If they are not, then there is no chance to stop them."

He says Iran will top his agenda when President Barack Obama visits Israel next month.

North Korea conducted a nuclear test last week despite warnings of more international punishment. Iran, like North Korea, is under stiff sanctions from the West over its nuclear program.

Israel sees Iran's nuclear program as an existential threat. Netanyahu often hints about a possible strike on Iran's nuclear sites if sanctions fail.

SOURCE: The Associated Press 
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