NewSpring Church of South Carolina Moves Sunday Night Services to Saturday Night for Super Bowl

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South Carolina's NewSpring Church is moving Sunday night services to Saturday night so that the congregants won't have to miss a single play of the Super Bowl, the multi-campus megachurch has announced.

"We all love watching the Big Game, so for one weekend only we are moving our Sunday night service to Saturday night ... so that you don't have to miss a single play," says the church in a commercial video posted on its website.

NewSpring Lead Pastor Perry Noble also announced the change in the services on his Facebook page, posting a link to his blog, where he explained the reason for canceling the church's Sunday night services last year due to the Super Bowl.

NewSpring, Perry wrote, has existed for 12 years and "anytime we've tried to compete with the Super Bowl ... well, it just hasn't gone well. We've tried different approaches to remedy this, but nothing has worked, people just have NOT come to church." The pastor quoted influential pastor Andy Stanley of North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Ga., as saying that one of the things the early church was obsessed with was making a difference and not making a point.

The church, therefore, decided in 2011 to "not try to make a point but rather make a difference!"

Is it a compromise the church is making? No, says Perry. "Nothing could be further from the truth. There isn't a specific verse as to the number of services or service times a church has to have. And we knew that in making this move that people were more likely to attend church on a Saturday evening and bring their friends with them."

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SOURCE: Christian Post
Anugrah Kumar
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