Sadly, CNN Allows Openly Homosexual Anchor, Don Lemon, to Thank Homosexual Activist for his Work

4798CNN thinks the Super Bowl has become "a platform for the culture wars," but they are using that "platform" to support causes like gay marriage.

The morning after the Super Bowl, CNN's openly-gay anchor Don Lemon interviewed gay rights activist and Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo and thanked him for his work. No guest from the other side was brought on.

Lemon didn't ask tough questions but simply enabled the activist to broadcast his message unopposed.

"Why have you chosen this Super Bowl to talk about, to make a platform out of marriage equality?" was Lemon's first question. Then he asked his guest to compare the gay rights movement to the civil rights movement.

"You said it's equal rights. When people equate it to the civil rights movement, some people are offended by that. Others see it as the same thing. What do you make of it?"

Later, Lemon asked him to refute charges that homosexuality is immoral: "When you hear people say that it's - it's an abomination, that it's in a - that it's a sin and that it's abnormal, what do you say to that?"

Lemon quoted country music artist Chely Wright gushing over Ayanbadejo, and finished by thanking his guest for his work: "And a lot of people are thanking you around the country and around the world. I agree, I appreciate it, sir."

Source: | Matt Hadro 
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