Study: Moviegoers Prefer Movies with Christian, Redemptive Values

An annual study of box office figures among major movies produced by Hollywood reveals that moviegoers prefer movies with Christian, redemptive values.

According to the 2013 Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry by the Christian Film & Television Commission, an advocacy group in Hollywood, movies with very strong Christian, redemptive worldviews reflecting traditional moral values earned four times as much money on average as movies with very strong non-Christian, anti-Christian or mixed worldviews: $90.78 million versus $20.22 million.

Movies with very strong humanist or atheist worldviews fared even worse, making only $2.43 million per movie. The stronger the Christian/redemptive worldview, the more money the movie made.

The movies with very strong Christian, redemptive worldviews includes such movies as Les Misérables, Snow White and the Huntsman, Here Comes the Boom, Red Tails, Marvel's The Avengers and For Greater Glory.

Movies with very strong non-Christian, anti-Christian, mixed or humanist worldviews included 21 Jump Street, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2, Amour, A Royal Affair, Killer Joe, Magic Mike, Dredd, Cosmopolis, Cloud Atlas, God Bless America, Paranormal Activity 4, The Apparition, The Campaign, Rock of Ages, The Dictator, That's My Boy, The Cabin in the Woods, American Reunion and Promised Land.

The same thing was true at the international box office in 2012, and on home video, announced Ted Baehr, founder and chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission.

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SOURCE: Movieguide
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