The Top 100 Things to Give Up During that Special Season of the Year Called Lent by Some...And Many of These Things Should Be Given Up For Good

4798With Ash Wednesday just around the corner, many are beginning to consider what they will forego during the 40 days of Lent this year.
To help, let's look at what 300,000 Twitter messages suggest people gave up last year.

If past years are any indication, it's likely that social media, chocolate, swearing, and alcohol will take top honors among the Top 100 most frequently sacrificed personal vices.

Ironically, the analysis came from Twitter's API, which Stephen Smith analyzes each year to provide a look at what people say they plan to give up for Lent. In 2012, the analysis looked at a series of 300,000 tweets. The complete list based on that analysis follows at the bottom of this post.

The 2013 list is not yet available, but CT previously reported the Top 100 vices that Twitter users gave up in 2012 as well as in 2011. In addition, CT's Mark Galli offered his thoughts on "giving up self discipline" for Lent last year.

CT has regularly reported on Lent, including three views on why bother celebrating Lent, what neuroscience tells us about Lent, Lent in Narnia, and the argument for lengthening Lent.

Source: Christianity Today | Melissa Steffan
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