Tim Tebow: Teams That Desperately Need Polarizing QB's Leadership

Tim Tebow still deserves an opportunity to utilize his talents in the NFL. Fortunately, the 2013 offseason presents an intriguing situation for the polarizing quarterback.

First, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.com in early February:

The New York Jets do not plan to release quarterback Tim Tebow before the start of the new league year in March and instead will hold on to him with the hopes that they can trade him, according to league sources.

But there is not expected to be much interest. In fact, one NFL general manager said this week: "I think his career is over without playing another position."

Secondly, the 2013 NFL draft doesn't offer the pool of depth at the quarterback position like it did in 2012. Factor in the shallow free-agent market for quarterbacks and Tebow will become more appealing.

The Jets also cannot expect to get much in return for Tebow should a trade occur, because the guy still must develop passing mechanics and better pre-snap reads. In addition, Tebow's contract will steer some potential suitors away.

That said, there are teams in dire need of help not only at quarterback but also in the leadership department. And Tebow isn't that bad of an option with all the aforementioned factors considered.

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SOURCE: Bleacher Report
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