Tim Tebow: Teams That Should Be Looking to Add Polarizing QB

The Tim Tebow experiment yielded less than desirable results with the New York Jets, but that doesn't mean he can't make an impact elsewhere in the NFL. There are still teams out there that could use the polarizing quarterback. 

Tebow ended up being more of a distraction and sideshow than a quarterback with the highly dysfunctional Jets franchise. Despite Mark Sanchez's epic struggles, the quarterback was never given a real chance at the starting position and only attempted eight passes on the season. 

Detractors of Tebow will claim that his treatment in New York was a sign of his ineptitude as a passer. However, the fact remains that he had a 2-1 touchdown to interception ratio and a playoff victory as the Denver Broncos starting quarterback in 2011.

So where does Tebow go from here?

It's not a lock that he leaves New York this offseason, but teams interested in acquiring him wouldn't need to offer too much to get New York to trade him away. These teams should be calling the Jets to see what it would take to bring Tebow into the fold. 

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SOURCE: Bleacher Report
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