Tom Joyner Stands Strong and says he is Against Women Serving in Combat in the U.S. Military

by Tom Joyner

Three signs that the end might be near: 1. Al Roker was actually doing the weather this morning, 2. The Los Angeles Clippers have a better record than the L.A. Lakers and 3. on the topic of lifting the ban of women serving in combat in the U.S. military, I actually agree with conservative former Congressman Allen West!
Like West, I believe that pitting women against men in combat is like expecting women to successfully go up against men in professional contact sports.  Who thinks that's a good idea?  I'm not in any way discounting the skill, strength, agility, intelligence, or any of the attributes it takes for one to succeed in military combat.  On paper and even in some actual situations, I'm certain that some women could perform as well as or better than some men.

But in an actual combat situation against a brutal enemy, I would not take the risk of women being killed or harmed physically or mentally.

Of course, females who enlist in the military have the ability to  make the decision whether or not to serve in this capacity.  But I hope, when it comes down to it, common sense,  and yeah, compassion will prevail.  I'm all for equal rights, equal pay, equal everything. But women are not built to compete physically with their male counter parts, and especially not an enemy.

Now, someone is going to say, but Tom, there was a time when black men were allowed to perform certain jobs in the military and now it sounds like you're condoning the same kind of discrimination against women.  To you, I say, "don't even try it."

SOURCE: Black America Web
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