Valentine's & Marriage: "The Only Thing That Makes It Good Is Simply God"
"I'm supposed to get engaged this year. My boyfriend said this was the year. I don't think he has a would be so nice if I was engaged by my younger sister's April."

The sales clerk lamented.

The other Nordstrom clerk, who I presumed to be in her early thirties, chimed in: "Yeah, I really hope my boyfriend has something special planned...I mean definitely not a ring or anything, but just some flowers or something sweet." Then added, "We're both kind of afraid of marriage."

On Sunday, I overheard a woman tell the nail technician, "I'm not stupid enough to get married." Some married co-workers said Valentine's Day is just like any other day--and they wouldn't want their spouse to give them roses just because some holiday told them to. Some women at the gym were discussing a 'night on the town'. And my favorite was a woman in her early seventies (who I see every morning at the gym!) told the ladies in the locker room she was making her husband's favorite dinner for Valentine's.

Whatever today has in store for you, whether you find yourself swept up in the arms of someone you can't live without or you are only reminded that you have not yet been chosen--I want to talk about marriage. After getting married last June, I am now acutely aware at how misguided so many are in regards to what marriage does and does not mean. I want to share a definition of marriage I heard this weekend that may help you see what God designed it for.

"Marriage: a flawed person married to a flawed person in a fallen world. With a faithful God."-Paul Tripp

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Ruthie Dean
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