VeggieTales to Hold 20th Anniversary Party at Creflo Dollar's Megachurch In Atlanta

They are probably the only vegetables that don't make children squirm ... because they only talk, sing, dance and don't have to be eaten. Now, kids can add party to that list of things they can do with these vegetables.

The popular Christian children's animated series, VeggieTales, will be hosting a family party in honor of their 20 years of teaching valuable life lessons to children from a Christian perspective at the World Changers Church in College Park, Ga., on Saturday Mar. 30, and everyone is invited.

"Children of all ages will enjoy a high energy song and dance spectacular filled with classic silly songs like 'The Hairbrush Song,' 'His Cheeseburger,' 'I Love My Lips' and 'Song of Cebu'," note the organizers of the party in a recent media release.

The price of general admission to the party is listed on at $20. Children two years old and under will be admitted free.

VeggieTales became a subject of a controversy in 2006 when NBC decided to edit references to God from episodes it aired from the show. Initially citing time constraints for editing the references, NBC later admitted that the edits were made because they didn't want to appear to be supporting any religion. At the time, VeggieTales was one of the top rated children's shows on the network.

Created by Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki in 1993, VeggieTales has been using its friendly animated videos headlined by 'Larry the Cucumber' and 'Bob the Tomato' to inspire godly values in young children.

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SOURCE: Christian Post
Leonardo Blair
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