WATCH: CNN Legal Analyst Sunny Hostin Compares Boy Scouts So-Called 'Discrimination' to Interracial Marriage Ban

4798CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin compared the push for the Boy Scouts to accept gays to the struggle over interracial marriage and same-sex marriage. She slammed any ban on gay scouts, local or national, as "discrimination," on Tuesday afternoon's Newsroom. 
"They've been arguing that, Brooke, for years. If you let a black person marry a white person society will end. If you let gay and lesbian couples marry, society will end. That's an argument that has failed time and time again. And so to argue that we should discriminate because you want the Boy Scouts of America to survive is just a bunch of nonsense," Hostin told anchor Brooke Baldwin. [Video below the break. Audio here.]

"I quite frankly don't think that the proposed ban goes far enough," Hostin lashed out at the proposed Boy Scouts policy of letting local Scout groups decide whether or not to allow gay scouts and leaders.

"We're giving, I think, local Scout groups license to discriminate. And that is wrong all the time," Hostin ranted. Earlier Tuesday morning, her colleague Carol Costello implied that the Scouts need to "change" with the times and allow gay scouts and leaders.  

Panel member Lauren Ashburn, former USA Today managing editor, had a different take. "They can form their own group," she said of those banned from the Boy Scouts. "[I]f you don't want to join the Boy Scouts because you are opposed to the Boy Scouts' moral values, then found your own group that has your own moral values where you can be with like-minded people."

Source: | Matt Hadro 
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