911 Tapes Released In Hadiya Pendleton's Killing

4798 Tapes of the 911 calls that came moments after the January shooting death of Chicago teenager Hadiya Pendleton are out, and the anonymous callers describe not only the terrifying scene, but the shooter as well.

The 911 tapes from the moments after Chicago teen Hadiya Pendleton was shot have been released, and they include descriptions of the shooter. (AP Photo/Courtesy of Damon Stewart)
WGN first obtained the tapes in which several callers describe the Jan. 29 shooting in which Pendleton, 15, was killed while waiting out a rainstorm with friends under a park shelter.

"I just heard shots fired, 44th and Oakenwald. A male black in a blue jacket about 5'8" just went ... northbound on Oakenwald," an anonymous caller said according to NBC Chicago.

The suspect descriptions from one of the calls gave police their first tip that eventually led to the arrests of two men who have been charged with Pendleton's death. Police said one of the men, Michael Ward, 18, told them Pendleton was not the intended target.

Source: Huffington Post
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