Black Voices Asks Has "The Preachers' Daughters" Crossed The Line?

4798 "Preachers' Daughters" is a new reality show on Lifetime that shines a light on children who are growing up in the shadow of their parents and their religion. Taylor is the 17-year old-daughter of a pastor and lives under strict rules, which led to an inevitable rebellious streak.
"I like boys. I like being around them and they like being around me," she said. But being boy crazy is normal teenage girl behavior. It was her other spoken ambitions that were a bit more shocking.

"I kind of wanna be a porn star because it's all the attention and it feels like you're free," she said. "If money don't be right for college I'm gonna be a stripper ... or a porn star or something."

Taylor clarified that she didn't mean those things literally, and she had no genuine intentions of being a porn star. Rather, she finds the lifestyles of porn stars and strippers appealing because those women don't care about other peoples' judgments.

Taylor told the Christian Post she did the show so people would see that preachers' daughters aren't perfect. Only one episode in and that mission appears pretty well accomplished.

Source: Black Voices 
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