Is Tamron Hall Leaving MSNBC for CNN?

4798 Another day, another piece of CNN gossip.
For those not hanging on every twist and turn in the network's reinvention, a quick recap: the "old" conventional wisdom that Erin Burnett would be moving from her 7 PM slot to join Chris Cuomo in the mornings, has given way to a new "other things might be happening" conventional wisdom. Gossip sites have been saying that Burnett wants a lot of cash to move to the AM show, which is being revamped and moved in a more "GMA"-style direction.

The latest? Page Six said on Monday that CNN chief Jeff Zucker is now looking elsewhere in case his plans for Burnett fall through. MSNBC's Tamron Hall, who is a regular presence on "Today," is apparently on the list, as are other CNN hosts like Brooke Baldwin. 

Source: Black Voices
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