North Korean Missiles Fired Into Sea of Japan, U. S. Set to Deploy Interceptors

The US is set to bolster its missile defences in the face of growing threats from North Korea which sparked outrage today by firing missiles into the sea of Japan.

The controversial move comes in response to recent aggression from the pariah state led by tyrant dictator Kim Jong-un

Earlier today the communist nation caused international anger when it reportedly fired short-range missiles close to Japan.

Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel is expected to reveal tonight the deployment of 14 ground based missile interceptors on the US West Coast.

The move will also involve the re-opening of a missile field in Alaska, and some based in California.

It would take two years for all of the systems to come online.

Today's short-range missiles launches into the sea of Japan are the latest in a string of aggressive acts by Kim Jong-un and is sure to further escalate tensions in the region.

And although no one is thought to have been killed the missile firing has enraged the international community.

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