Richard Land Says Those Against Homosexuality Are Being Treated Like the KKK

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The Southern Baptist Convention's top expert on moral concerns said in a recent radio interview that LGBT activists are attempting to discredit opponents in the same way that society has come to ostracize the Ku Klux Klan.

Discussing the Boy Scouts of America's possible lifting of a ban on gays Feb. 28 on the Heritage Foundation's Istook Live radio program, Land said "homosexual activists" will not tolerate hearing from people like conservative Christians who adhere to "moral absolutes."

"Their agenda is to have the homosexual lifestyle affirmed by society as healthy and normal and as a perfectly acceptable alternative to young people, and to have those who disagree with that ostracized to the level of being Ku Klux Klan," Land said.

Land's comment attracted attention from blogs including the Huffington Post, the Los Angeles-based news and commentary site Opposing Views and the Right Wing Watch media-monitoring program by People For the American Way.

Land told radio host and former Congressman Ernest Istook (R-Okla.) the current Boy Scouts flap is symptomatic of a larger campaign to normalize LGBT behavior.

"The homosexual activists have gone after the cultural icons of our culture," he said. "They have gone after the military, the most admired institution in American society. They've gone after Disney, the family friendly, supposedly, network and family friendly entertainment venture. They've gone after marriage. What can be holier than marriage? Now they're going after the Boy Scouts."

Land said the activist agenda eventually extends to every front. "They've gone after the cultural icons first, but there is no place that they're not going to go," he said. "Their overall agenda is really quite breathtaking."

"They do not want toleration," Land said. "They do not want live and let live. They want to force everyone to affirm their lifestyle as perfectly healthy and normal, or they will ostracize us and marginalize us to the level of Ku Klux Klan."

Land offered advice about how to balance personal relationships with gay individuals alongside the public message they are unfit for organizations like the Boy Scouts.

"The Bible has told us to hate the sin and love the sinner," he said. "We're not talking about ostracizing people. I have relatives who are homosexual. I have friends who are homosexual and lesbian, and I treat them with dignity and with respect. They know that I do not approve of their lifestyle. They know I believe the Bible does not approve of their lifestyle, but that does not give me any reason to treat them any differently than I would anyone else when it comes to the workplace or it comes to social activities."

Land said the issue boils down to deciding between the supposed rights and privileges of adults and society's obligation to protect children. "In the last few days, most of what I've heard is, 'Have the Boy Scouts lost their mind?'" he said.

"Why would you put adult leaders and mentors in places of authority and leadership of a boys' organization when they have defined themselves as homosexual -- meaning that they are sexually attracted to males?" he asked. "It would be the equivalent of allowing heterosexual men to be Scoutmasters for Girl Scout troops."

"One does not have to assert that one group is more prone to pedophilia than another to say if you put men in mentoring positions of trust and authority in campout situations with young teens to whom they are sexually attracted, either heterosexually or homosexually, human tragedies will follow," he said.

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SOURCE: Associated Baptist Press
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