Tim Tebow Would Find Patriots to Be Better Fit Than New York Jets

Dear Timothy Richard Tebow,

Hope this letter finds you well.

I know the 2012 season didn't go as you planned. After a magical 2011 campaign with the Denver Broncos, during which the phrase "Tebow Time" became en vogue, you languished on the pine with the New York Jets. You became a sideshow and sports-talk fodder, not a player. Your talents weren't utilized.

You likely felt duped after picking the Jets over the Jacksonville Jaguars as your trade destination. I don't blame you. I was duped, too. The Jets brought you in to run the Wildcat, move the chains and score touchdowns. Silly Jets. They didn't play you much, and reportedly weren't impressed with how you practiced. Didn't they realize you can't hit the broad side of a barn in practice? We're talking about practice. "Tebow Time" isn't about practice. It's about guts, savvy and a higher authority.

Tim, if you didn't know it, the Jets are going to cut you. Sure, they can say they'll try to trade you, but nobody is trading for a third-string quarterback with a rock-star following. Jets coach Rex Ryan apparently doesn't think you can play, and you guys share an agent. It's over in New York -- and that's a good thing.

Tim, I'm a fan. I thought you were worthy of the first-round pick the Broncos used to draft you. I believe in your football skills, if not your quarterback skills. I've talked to members of the Broncos and Jets who've played with you. I know they like and respect you and think you are a winner. So I am going to give you some advice, because the world is a better place when you are relevant.

When the Jets give you your release -- and please ask them for it, so it doesn't delay the inevitable -- go beg Bill Belichick for a one-year deal with the New England Patriots.

But here's the catch, Timothy Richard. Tell Belichick you are going to be his slash, and that you won't focus solely on playing quarterback.

Don't be mad at me, Tim. Stop and think about it for a second. I am going to make your career.

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Adam Schein
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