WATCH: New York Republican Mayoral Candidate George McDonald says High Incarceration Rate of African-Americans 'May Have Made Us Safer'

4798 "The mass incarceration of African American men may have made us safer, but it leaves us with generation after generation of broken families that are uneducated that have multiple barriers to employment," said Doe Fund founder and Republican mayoral candidate George McDonald this morning at a Crain's forum.
McDonald made those remarks during a forum featuring the Republican candidates for mayor this morning, in response to a question about income inequality in New York City, and what, if anything, he thought the city should do about it.

Glenn Martin, a vice president at the Fortune Society, which works on criminal reentry and alternatives to incarceration, said in response to McDonald's comment that he "gets it totally wrong when he suggests that 'The mass incarceration of African American men may have made us safer...'"

"In fact, the disproportionate impact of the criminal justice system on communities of color has been destructive and counterproductive, with little connection to crime rates," he wrote, in an email. "The major cause of prison growth in New York State is our failed war on drugs, and it has disproportionately impacted young men of color, although drug use and drug selling rates are similar across racial lines. In addition, recent research supports the fact that when you over incarcerate from specific communities, the law of diminishing returns applies and you ultimately experience little to no increase in public safety."

Source: Capital New York | DANA RUBINSTEIN

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