Black America Web's Nikki Woods Shares Letter She Wrote to her Sons

4798When my son turned 11 a few months ago, I decided to write him a love letter. It seemed to be a pivotal time for him. He was going through some growing pains and his self-confidence and self-worth seemed a bit shaky. I wanted to have a written record of my commitment to him and my unconditional love for him. I also wanted him to know I am proud of him - not because of what he's done but because of who he is and all that unique and wonderful qualities that he possesses. It had such an impact on him that I decided to do the same for my youngest son who turns 10 today.
Both letters are below.

A Love Letter To My Baby Boy - May 9th, 2013

Dear Willis,

My sweet baby boy, you have been such a joy in my life. You came into the world a little bit earlier than I was ready for. I should have known then that you would be the kind of child that moves according to your schedule and not mine.

But you were such a quiet, happy baby ... always so content to just be held and loved and cared for. You never cried, just called out patiently when you needed me and you slept through the night from day one. Just a dream baby. I think you knew your mama was already tired from running around after your feisty toddler brother and I so appreciated you for it.

Now that you are older and coming into your own, you are not so quiet! But you are even more loveable every day. You are growing out of being a baby but I love that you will always be my baby and will still come look for me at times when you need a cuddle.  You are just the right mix of independence and sweetness and I can't wait to see the young man you grow up to be.

I love how much patience you have when Tyler tries to "big brother" you.  I love that you are always willing to help. I especially love that you are willing to stand up for yourself and others when you know something isn't right.

I just wanted you to know how much I love you on this day - May 9th, 2013 - your 10th birthday. You are my 2nd child, but loved equally and infinitely. Some people think that a mom can't love their children equally, but you have proven to me beyond doubt that love doesn't divide but it expands and cannot be diminished. There is something so special inside of you. I can't wait for the world to get to know you like I have.

There will never be an end to my love for you, baby boy. Keep smiling and laughing ... you bring me pure joy!

Source: Black America Web | Nikki Woods
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