Dannah Gresh Says Sexual Purity Is Under Attack In America's Schools

Dannah Gresh, a best-selling author and advocate for the sexual purity movement, was a featured speaker at this year's TEDxPSU event at Pennsylvania State University, and spoke about sexual myths that are hurting teenagers and college students who are navigating a culture that promotes tolerance of all sexual behaviors and choices, except abstinence.

"We're waving the banner of tolerance over the nation, but the one thing that's not tolerated is abstinence and sexual purity," said Gresh in an interview with The Christian Post on Wednesday. "Something parents don't understand is that their teenagers are living in an age where virginity isn't tolerated."

In her TEDxPSU talk, titled "The Walk of Fame vs The Walk of Shame," Gresh said she was inspired to broach the subject of why sexual purity is the healthiest physical, emotional and spiritual choice, after she received a poignant question from a Penn State student caught up in the sex and party scene who asked her: "Why is there tolerance for everything but abstinence and sobriety here?"

"And I felt like I needed to do some research and start to answer that question," said Gresh, who noted that society often uses contradictory terms when discussing issues pertaining to sex, and often supports messages that are filled with myths and lies.

"Some of the messages we're hearing about sex are myths that promote the lie that those who are waiting to have sex until the time is right are going to end up having bad sex," she said. "Virginity is medically, emotionally and spiritually the best choice, but physically it's also the best choice."

Gresh cited a recent poll of college students that reveals 19 percent claim to be virgins. But she also noted that among those who are having sex, upon graduation, boys will have had more than nine sex partners and girls will have had seven or more sex partners.

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SOURCE: Christian Post
Melissa Barnhart
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