Leaders of Britain's Black Churches Address Miracle Healing Fears

Leaders of Britain's Black churches recently met with Ofcom, the broadcasting standards watchdog, in the light of recent concerns raised that some Pentecostal ministries on TV who have a focus on promoting miracle healing could be endangering lives with their admonitions that people stop taking their medicines because God will heal them.

The meeting, led by Bishop Joe Aldred, was called by Minority Ethnic Christian Affairs (MECA) of ecumenical organisation Churches at Together in England (CTE).

During the meeting Ofcom explained that it has a legal remit to regulate UK-based TV and radio broadcasters to protect the public from harm, or offence, but that remit should not interfere with legitimate rights to freedom of religious expression.

Commenting on Ofcom's overview of its work, Rev Nezlin Sterling, director of studies at New Testament Assembly stated: "The presentation from Ofcom was informative and indeed an eye opener. It is in the interest of our churches, as we grow exponentially, to ensure that we operate within the law of the land with sensitivity whilst not compromising our (biblical) belief in divine healing."

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SOURCE: The Voice
Marcia Dixon
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