Aaron Hernandez, Tim Tebow, and the Coaching of Urban Meyer

Coach Urban Meyer was asked by a reporter the other day about former University of Florida player Aaron Hernandez being arrested and charged with murder.

Meyer, the coach at Ohio State, offered a six-word response:

"I'm not gonna talk about that."

Of course he's not.

Funny, how you can't get Meyer to shut up about coaching Tim Tebow at UF, but now he won't say a word about his experience coaching Hernandez at UF. Meyer commented the other day about Tebow perhaps playing tight end for the Patriots, but he won't comment on Hernandez being accused of murder while playing tight end for the Patriots.

Maybe it's because Hernandez -- just as much as Tebow -- is becoming the handcuffed, perp-walking symbol of what UF football represented during the Meyer era. Tebow and Hernandez both helped Meyer's Gators win national championships, but they have gone on to become divergently emblematic of his program.

Tebow was the wholesome choirboy; Hernandez the thuggish tough guy. Tebow is recognized as one of the sports world's greatest role models and ambassadors; Hernandez is now an accused murderer and the national poster boy for the NFL's dark, discreditable criminal underside.

Here's all you need to know: According to a Gainesville police report acquired by the Orlando Sentinel on Tuesday, when Hernandez first signed with UF as a 17-year-old freshman, he got into a bar fight and sucker punched the bouncer so hard that it busted the poor guy's ear drum. Guess who was at the bar/restaurant trying to break up the fight? That's right, none other than Tebow himself.

The police report did not specify whether Tebow laid hands on the bouncer's damaged ear to restore his hearing.

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SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel
Mike Bianchi
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