Ben Carson Says President Obama's Legacy Will Be Riddled with Scandals and 'Things that Don't Seem to Be the Truth'

In the final part of his interview with The Daily Caller, Ben Carson freely admits that he struggles with deciding what President Barack Obama's legacy will be as the first black president.

"What is he going to be known for? With all these scandals that are coming up and things that don't seem to be the truth, I guess there has to be something good," the soft-spoken neurosurgeon pondered. Then, with a wry chuckle, Carson answers, "Obamacare? I guess that might be the legacy."

Carson surmises that Obama would like to be remembered in the abstract rather than for any real-world accomplishments. In other words, his soaring rhetoric in the 2008 campaign: "We were going to get rid of all the special interest groups; and we were going to have transparency; and, you know, the two sides of the aisle would be able to work together; and he would be the president of all the people; and no red states and no blue states. And I've got to tell you, it really sounded good. If he can attach all of that to his name, he'll have a pretty good legacy."

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SOURCE: The Daily Caller
Grae Stafford
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