Dairy- and Gluten-Free Maple Pecan Brownies

Try this healthy take on a favorite treat, which calls for grated zucchini and almond butter rather than flour. The recipe is also dairy-free and can be adapted to be vegan. 

You're probably thinking, "Another brownie recipe?" Brownies twice in one month? Crazy. Overkill? I don't think so. At least not in the current circumstances.

My sweet little dog died recently. Shasta was 10. We rescued her at 6-1/2. We hope we gave her a good life, that we did right by her. Gosh, I miss her little face, her little cheesy Dorito smell she gives off when she's all curled up and sleeping like a log. Her big begging eyes that say "I'm not begging, but if you loved me you'd share." (But not chocolate, of course.)

Hence the brownies. To find some comfort.

So next time you're sad or just need a treat, please bookmark these to try. They really are delicious in all the right ways a brownie should be. I've also included some variations for those of you who like to change things up.

This brownie recipe, like the last, is relatively healthy, but not so "healthy" that the brownies don't taste good. This one is unique in that it only requires 1/2 cup of sweetener. The best part? You'd never know it.

Even better than that? The glue that holds this recipe together is zucchini and almond butter. No flour or flour substitutes. You'd never know that this recipe is almost made up entirely of vegetables. How awesome is that? This recipe will even hold up if you choose to not use egg and use an egg replacement instead. So essentially, this recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, uses only natural sweeteners, and can be altered for vegans. I love that!

If you really want to hide the zucchini, peel it before grating. If a little fleck of green (like any other zucchini cake) doesn't bother you, than leave it as is.

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SOURCE: The Christian Science Monitor
France Morissette and Joshua Sprague, Beyond the Peel
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